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Why choose AsiaTEFL?

Accredited and Internationally Accepted Courses
Get certified to teach English while enjoying amazing school locations in Asia and South America.
All AsiaTEFL courses are internationally accredited and accepted worldwide.
Study a TEFL course with Asia TEFL and travel the world, LIVE abroad and enrich people’s lives by teaching English.
Our students get the absolute best training and an opportunity to help others with their 5 or 10 hours of practice teaching.
We keep our class sizes small for a very simple reason - to ensure you have the personal attention you need to be a successful EFL teacher.  Our course is a Practical Approach, providing you with skills, guidance and confidence that you will actually use in your teaching job. 

Asia TEFL has authentic teaching practices with real students in real schools.  Asia TEFL is internationally certified and accredited by TEFL TESOL Certification
Asia TEFL graduates are certified to teach anywhere in the world
Participants gain a strong foundation in teaching fundamentals, course preparation, authentic practice, culture and LIVING abroad information
Small class sizes to ensure you get the personal attention you need to be a GREAT teacher
GUARANTEED lifetime job assistance for all of our graduates


When you take a Asia TEFL course we give you the opportunity to complete up to ten advanced certifications, absolutely FREE.   

These advanced certifications will give you a great advantage when looking for a teaching job.  These certifications mean that you are better prepared and will have the opportunity to earn a higher salary as an English teacher.  

You will have an additional 60 days after you complete your basic TEFL course to complete these certifications, using our online tutorial.  You do not have to be on location at our school to complete the advanced certifications.   
Each of these certifications adds an additional 10 hours to your completed certificate hours.  The ten additional certifications are:

Teaching Business English
Teaching English to Young Learners
Teaching English for Academic Purposes
Teaching English for Specific Purposes
Teaching English to Online Students
Tutoring EFL Students
Teaching PET Prep
Teaching TOEFL Prep
Teaching IELTS Prep
Teaching TOEIC Prep